Eric Broser - Natural Bodybuilder, Trainer/Coach, Author, IronMan Columnist, Consultant and Creator of the Popular Shock-Rep Range-Power System of training!

Rick Collins - Columnist, Alpha Male Challenge Author, Attorney, Trainer and Celebrated Personality in the Bodybuilding, Fitness and Dietary Supplements Industry!

James Villepigue - Celebrity Trainer and International Best-Selling Author of the Body Sculpting Bibles and Alpha Male Challenge!

Do You Fill the Body of a Beta Male?

Let’s be real. You're probably just like most guys out there who’ve spent a great deal of time and a whole lot of cash trying to discover the “magic bullet” that will allow you to break past your physical sticking points and take your body to a whole ‘nother level. Yeah, you've probably worked out hard, eaten the right foods, forced down all sorts of pills/powders, gotten your rest and done everything else you’re “supposed to do” with the hopes that you’d eventually transform your physique from one that’s slacked to one that’s jacked!

But stop and think about it for a second… why is it that despite all of your past efforts, you've just never reached the jaw-dropping, V-shaped body you set out to achieve? Most, if not all of us men are filled with tremendous desire and inner passion to lose the belly, build lean muscle, enhance overall strength, increase our stamina and show up at the beach, playing field or ball court feeling totally proud and excited to show the world exactly what we’re made of! But something happened along the way, something has been holding you back. You understand that you have either fallen off course, or were never on the right one.

Go From Beta... to BETTER!

This is precisely where the Alpha Male Advanced Workout system comes in!

You want to be Bigger? Stronger? Leaner?
Your best ever?

This scientifically-proven and carefully detailed 10-week workout system is the step-by-step True Alpha blueprint with absolutely everything you need to achieve maximum results and keep them… for good! It’s the difference between being adequate or EXTRAORDINARY... typically average or TRUE ALPHA!

It's Like Getting the Best of Both Worlds!

James and Rick are the authors of the Alpha Male Challenge—the ultimate mind-body transformation program for men. Published by Rodale Inc., Alpha Male Challenge is the totally revolutionary 10-week plan for constructing the TRUE Alpha Male: a whole new kind of you who is brimming with confidence, loaded with rock-hard muscle, admired by men, desired by women, and respected by everyone.

Eric is the creator of the Power-Rep Range-Shock (P/RR/S) training system. Available as an e-book and DVD, P/RR/S training efficiently attacks every facet of muscle hypertrophy with different workouts each week, to stimulate muscle growth like never before!

And now Eric, James and Rick have joined forces to bring you a program designed to take you to the next level... and beyond! Check out what training techniques just like the ones in Alpha Male Advanced Workout did for Eric's client, Dave Swanson:

The results speak for themselves!

I went from 200 LBS OF FLAB to

175 lbs of "fab"

at a body fat of just under 6%!

Capable of transforming your physique like nothing else! I am living proof!

"A little over a year ago, I slowly but surely ate myself into the worst shape of my life. I had injured my knee badly while playing basketball, requiring surgery and several months of rehabilitation. During this time I became quite depressed and my lean and lightly muscled build morphed into about 200 lbs of pure lard. One day I looked in the mirror and decided enough was enough. However, I didn’t just want my old body back, but an even better physique. I also wanted to get my strength, endurance and agility back up to par so I could get back to playing sports at a high level.

I contacted a trainer I had worked with years before, Eric Broser, to help me get back into top shape. I explained to him exactly what my goals were and he told me I would be the perfect test subject for a new exercise protocol he was working on for a new book that combined his POWER, REP RANGE, SHOCK workout system with "Alpha Wave" training, which was developed by his co-authors, Rick Collins and James Villepigue. Everything sounded great to me, so we immediately got started. Eric took about 6 weeks to break me back in slowly, the first three weeks focusing more on total conditioning with some Alpha Wave Basic Training and the next three with a moderately intense version of P/RR/S. Then for the next 10 weeks we used a prototype of the “hybrid” Alpha Wave/PRRS training protocol found in the Alpha Wave Advanced Workouts book, along with a smart diet with plenty of protein.

The results speak for themselves! I went from 200 lbs of flab to 175 lbs of “fab” at a body fat of just under 6%! In fact, I looked so good that I decided to enter the 2010 Natural Las Vegas Bodybuilding Championships and won the light heavyweight division! And not only that, but I am now back to all of the activities I love, like surfing, basketball, softball, and flag football—but with more strength, power, and stamina than I have had in many years! I can say that without a doubt, the principles underlying the Alpha Wave Advanced Training infused with P/RR/S are the best all-around workout protocol concepts ever introduced into the fitness industry and are capable of transforming your physique like nothing else! I am living proof! Start NOW!

Still Not Convinced? Take a Closer Look!!!

Here's What You'll get when you purchase the Alpha Male
Advanced Workout:

36 unique, carefully crafted workouts – no two are alike! You’ll never get bored and always be challenged!

4 intense, precisely crafted workouts per week! Every single workout will develop your strength, size and power without the need for marathon training sessions! The Alpha Wave training principles are based on the latest and greatest methods for burning fat, building muscle and improving overall physicality. It’s the most challenging and results packed training available today!

Complete cardio system to get you RIPPED! This point-based system burns the fat even when you’re playing!

Full descriptions AND videos of every single exercise! Our click and view video demonstration exercise library shows you exactly what to do!

Dynamic Warmup, complete with written and video instructions!
You’ll avoid injuries and perform at peak levels, every workout!

Nutritional advice for optimizing fat loss, muscle gains and more!!!
Click here for more info on this killer program!

+ Two killer bonuses!

In addition to the Alpha Male Advanced Workout e-book, you'll receive...

Bonus #1:
The Workouts Logbook a $25.00 Value!

Alpha Male Workouts Logbook The professionally-produced Alpha Male Advanced Workout e-book is worth the full $49.95... but if you place your order today, we'll give you the Alpha Male Advanced Workout Log book—a $25.00 value—ABSOLUTELY FREE!

The Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Log is the perfect complement to your quest to become a true Alpha Male. This 79-page companion e-book is designed to help you perform and track your workouts throughout the full 10-week Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program. It contains:

Print-ready log sheets for each of the 36 different workouts. There’s no need to waste valuable time writing out all the details. We’ve already done it for you: just click “print” and take your workout with you to the gym. Whether you’re starting at Level A, B, or C, you’ll know exactly what to do.

A print-ready “cheat sheet” with brief exercise instructions for each workout. If you forget how to perform certain movements, the Exercise Description sheets will remind you

Log sheets to record your cardio workouts. Keeping score is a great way to flex your “commitment muscles” and stay accountable.

Bonus #2:
The Original Alpha Male Challenge Log Book, a $25.00 Value... for FREE!!!

Alpha Male Challenge Workouts Log book This is the best-selling workout program that started it all: the original, Alpha Wave Basic Training from James Villepigue's and Rick Collins' book, Alpha Male Challenge. Published by Rodale, Inc., Alpha Male Challenge is a roadmap for men to reclaim their masculinity in a metrosexual world. The Alpha Male Challenge Workouts Log is a ready-to-print version of the workout charts in this revolutionary Men's book.

When you download the Alpha Male Challenge Workouts Log book, you'll be getting an additional 27 unique, fat-incinerating, explosive power-inducing workouts—complete with exercise descriptions and videos—for absolutely FREE!!!

You’re covered by our 60-day Money-Back Guarantee! If you decide at any time that the program is not working for you, simply contact us and we will issue an immediate refund… No questions asked!

Download This incredible Set of Amazing E-Books Today

  • for Only $49.95!!!

IMPORTANT: This is a digital/downloadable e-book product package. You will NOT receive a physical package through the mail. The entire product package will be immediately available for you to download in .PDF format to your computer. You can get started within seconds after ordering. Once you’ve made your purchase, you will gain access to the bonus Alpha Male Advanced Workouts Logbook and the Alpha Male Challenge Workouts Log Book, located on our Thank You page. Due to their interactive features, the Log books can only be opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader 9 (and up). Click the link to the right to download the free Reader software from Adobe.The Alpha Male Advanced Workouts program package is not available in stores. It is exclusively sold only through this website.



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