How is your training system different from all the others I see online?

Not only do we believe that ours’ works faster and better, but that it produces a “total physical transformation!” Alpha Male Advanced Training will not only help you build more muscle and lose tons of body fat quickly, but it will also increase your levels of strength, stamina, power, endurance and agility. In other words, our program does not only get you more muscular, lean and mean, but also makes you into a “machine!”

Other programs are “all show” but no “go!” Alpha Male Advanced Training is scientifically designed to help you achieve not only the physique of your dreams, but the athleticism to go along with it!

Can your program be used for both fat loss and muscle gain?

Absolutely! Alpha Male Advanced Training was created to assist you in losing pounds of unwanted body fat while at the same time adding slabs of new muscle to your frame! Our goal is to get you that coveted six-pack along with bigger guns, wider shoulders, steel-plated pecs, and a V-back! We want you to look like a Greek statue … or better!

Do I need expensive equipment or have to join a gym?

While joining a gym will certainly allow you more exercise options, what you need to remember is that the basic barbell and dumbbell movements are quite effective and fancy machines are not really necessary! As long as you have access to a squat rack, an adjustable bench, preferably with a leg extension/leg curl attachment, an Olympic set with dumbbells, a dip station and chinning bar you will have more than enough to build a physique carved from stone!

Does age matter? Can a guy be too young or old to get results on your program?

The truth is that ANYONE can benefit greatly from a properly-designed weight training program, regardless of age. That said, the fastest and most efficient progress will generally occur for those in the range of 17-25 years of age simply because this is the time when natural testosterone and growth hormone release are at their highest levels.

However, studies have proven time and again that even senior citizens can achieve significant gains in muscle mass and losses in body fat when utilizing a sound training regimen.

Those from the ages of 13-16 can also build an incredible foundation of strength, power, and athleticism with our program, while at the same time creating an extremely impressive physique.

No matter what your age, make sure that before you embark on any kind of new training regimen, your doctor has deemed you safe/healthy to do so, and that if you are a novice to weight training (or under the age of 17) that your workouts are properly supervised by a professional. Safety is always first!

What are your credentials - How can I trust you know what you’re talking about?

All three contributors to this e-book – Eric Broser, Rick Collins, and James Villepigue – have extensive education and backgrounds in the areas of health, fitness, exercise, nutrition, and supplementation, as well as over 60 years of industry experience between them.

To learn more about us you can see our bios right here.

What if I am just overweight and want to lose fat and get fit? Can I still benefit from this program?

Heck, yeah! Alpha Male Advanced Training has three different levels of intensity/volume, based on your current level of fitness and experience, so it is custom-tailored to the needs of every individual! Our program will help you burn tons of calories, speed your metabolism, enhance your health, torch body fat, increase muscle size and strength and augment all areas of your personal fitness.

What if I do not have hours per day to spend in the gym?

That’s no problem, because you don’t need to! Alpha Male Advanced Training is designed to bring about maximum results in the shortest time possible! Our program is based on “intensity of effort,” not “volume,” which simply means we want you to work harder and smarter, not longer. Of course, hardcore programs that claim “advanced” results on 20 minutes a day are bogus. The best results are had when one trains for relatively brief periods of time with maximum focus, efficiency and concentration – for an hour or a bit longer, but certainly not haphazardly for hours at a time! You have a life to live!

Do I need all kinds of expensive supplements to get results from your program?

Not at all! The only requirements are that you follow the training program, feed yourself the proper foods (which we outline for you), and get enough rest to allow your body to recover between workouts. That said, there certainly are some basic nutritional supplements available that are not all that expensive and can help hasten progress somewhat (which we will also tell you about). But they are by no means an absolute necessity to achieving astounding progress from our program! Will I have to purchase some kinds of “special” foods in order to do the program? Nope…You will be buying things like chicken, turkey, lean steaks, fish, water, fruit, nuts, lots of vegetables and some non-fat dairy – all of which you can find at your nearest grocery store.

What if a woman used this system? Would she get too big or bulky?

Since both sexes have the same basic physiology when it comes to the muscular system, both will respond similarly to the same training routine. However, due to the fact that women do not have nearly as much testosterone as men do, they will get a fit and sexy look, instead of the bigger and more muscular look that guys will achieve. In the future we will be creating “Alpha Female” specific programs, but in the mean time women are free to adapt this program to their own needs. Women who followed the original Alpha Wave Basic Training program have told us they achieved amazing physique-transforming effects from it!

Can I follow the program no matter what country I am in?

Of course you can! As long as you have access to the necessary equipment, in your home or gym, and can obtain basic groceries to fuel your workouts, you are good to go!

What’s the cost of the program?

The retail price of Alpha Male Advanced Workouts is $49.95, but if you order now you will have it for only $39.95, PLUS you’ll get two (2) additional e-books (a $50 value) ABSOLUTELY FREE!!

Can I purchase the book over the phone or in a book store?

Although it would be wonderful to be able to talk with all of our customers by phone, that unfortunately is something that would be impossible, as well as a very inefficient method of taking orders. Alpha Male Advanced Workouts in not available in any stores and can only be purchased online.

I've lost my e-book where can I download it from again?

If for any reason you lose the e-book you can download it again by clicking here.

Can I pay with a personal check?

Sorry, but no, you cannot, as we are not set up to take checks. We use a secure, encrypted payment method that prevents fraud and ensures the easiest and most efficient transactions possible.

What’s your return policy?

We are so sure that you’re going to LOVE Alpha Male Advanced Workouts that you have 60 days to try it out. If you’re not happy, just email and request a refund. We want you to be 100% satisfied, and to tell everyone you know to try our program! We want YOU to be our poster child for SUCCESS!

In case I have any questions on the program, who will give me answers?

It will either be Eric, Rick or James. We personally answer any questions you may have about the program, and usually within 24 hours. Once you purchase the e-book you will be provided with contact emails for all three of us so that we can get back to you as quickly as possible. We prefer to answer all questions on our own, rather than hire a staff, so we can make sure you receive the best service possible! It’s part of our commitment to you – we’re your partners in getting you in your best shape EVER!